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Rates update: 2009-07-23

Weekly Monthly
1 EUR = 1.4202 USD

Jul 24 2009 17:00 ET
Currency Last Rate Daily Change Monthly Change Yearly Change  
$1.4202 -0.19% 1.23% -9.41%
$1.642 -0.56% -0.59% -17.36%
$0.9329 -0.32% 0.97% -3.16%
$0.1602 0.51% 2.91% -17.2%
100 JPY
$1.0545 -0.52% 0.55% 13.62%
$0.8163 -0.32% 2.2% -15.03%
$0.9203 0.94% 5.65% -7.06%
Japanese Yen in Asian trade
Jul 24 2009, 00:09 - 0 Comments
It seemed that the Asian session was controlled by a tough period of selling of JPY in opposition to both the USD and EUR with hedge and model funds along with the activities which was as well triggered by stops.

Green buck advocates firms on Morgan Stanley Disappointment
Jul 24 2009, 00:08 - 0 Comments
Risk appetite was still up to speed of the elemental currents in the Forex market Wednesday.

Dollar dropping with earnings outdo Fed's increased growth estimates
Jul 17 2009, 00:04 - 0 Comments
Risk appetite has seen a quick recovery this week and the growth has had an obvious, damaging influence on the US dollar.

US Dollar down with optimism triggers demand for carry trades
Jul 17 2009, 00:04 - 0 Comments
The US dollar and Japanese yen were the lowest of the majors as investor confidence increased, leading up FX carry trades and sending the DJIA and S&P 500 up approximately 3 %.

US Dollar, Japanese Yen
Jul 13 2009, 21:14 - 0 Comments
The US dollar and Japanese yen progressed once again on Friday since risk appetite stayed troubled.

US Dollar attempt to break blockage
Jul 13 2009, 21:14 - 0 Comments
Harsh price movement for the world’s reserve currency stayed extremely unstable this past week.

US dollar rising raipdly
Jul 09 2009, 23:05 - 0 Comments
The US dollar has valued progressively in opposition to most of its major counterparts this past week and the distinguished exception was the USDJPY pair.

Japanese Yen vs. US Dollar
Jul 09 2009, 23:05 - 0 Comments
The Japanese yen broke more than 2 % higher in opposition to the majors, with as pairs including USDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPJPY broke under major support levels, indicating medium-term turns in the JPY crosses.

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