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Forex Cult

Forex Cult is A Forex News and Articles site, NOT a FOREX Service Provider.

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usedeposit.com is a Forex news portal offering daily Forex news, toolbars, currency rates, tips and articles to foreign currency exchange traders. Our users are FX savvy and newcomers a like. We thrive to be the leading Forex portal in before the summer of 2008 by providing our users with professional articles and hottest news gaining them advantage in the FX market. We are also working doing intensive SEO work to our website to maximize the website exposure.

This site is recommended for advertising to Forex companies and other financial services companies. We offer a wide variety of advertising campaign options allowing our sponsors to maximize their profit by targeting active forex traders and potential Forex traders. Advertising on Forex Cult can significantly increase user traffic and promote your brand in a high profile Forex community.

Quality Traffic:

Over 90% of Forex Cult traffic is driven by Google Search engine. Forex Cult is positioned in very targeted foreign exchange keywords such as Forex Trading, Online Forex News, Forex Trading Platform etc. The other 10% of the traffic comes from other websites by branding banners and links on targeted Forex websites and by giving special promotions for forex users who trade in banks by phone who are interested in trading online. Most of our traffic online forex traders who trades either by software or by phone.


Forex Cult effective marketing expands your reach to a large portion of the online forex trading industry.
Our users are:

Savvy Forex Traders
VIP Forex Traders
Day traders
Commodity traders
Industry leaders
A community of non-frequent Forex traders.

Global Exposure:
USA - 34%
Canada - 5%
Australia - 2%
UK - 5%
Other western Europe - 22%
Russia and east Europe - 6%
South America - 5%
Africa -2%
Japan - 5%
Saudi Arabia - 5%
Other East Asia - 9%

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