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Article » Currency Exchange Rate
Currency Exchange Rate
Apr 21 2007, 11:40
Currency Exchange Rate

When it comes to finance you will learn that the currency exchange rate is used to refer to what one currency is worth based upon another currency. You will especially need to know about the currency exchange rate when you are trading in the forex market, mainly because of the fact that the forex market is known as one of the largest financial markets in the world and that over two trillion dollars changes hands each and every day on the average. You must also know that the spot exchange rate is often used to refer to the current currency exchange rate. On the other hand the forward exchange rate is known to relate to the currency exchange rate that is quoted and also traded today but he payment and also the delivery want be made until a future date.

Currency Exchange Rate and the Exchange Rate Regime

When you hear someone talking about the currency exchange rate regime, they are talking about the actual way that a particular country manages or handles the currency when it comes to the respect to other foreign countries and also the forex market. There are a couple of basic types of the currency exchange rate regime; one is that there is a floating currency exchange rate which indicates that the market actually dictates the actual movements of the currency exchange rate. Then you have a pegged float which is when the central bank actually keeps the currency exchange rate from actually deviating farther away from the target band or value. You will also have the pegged currency exchange rate which actually is what ties one particular currency to another type of currency. When it all boils down to the floating exchange rates they are the most common rates that you will find in the exchange rate regime in this day and age. The currencies that are known to float are the Yen as well as the Dollar and also the Euro, but you must remember that based on the fact that central banks are the ones that are more frequent to intervene so that they are able to avoid excessive appreciation or depreciation, these regimes are sometimes referred to as managed float.

Currency Exchange Rate and Pegged Float

When you are referring to a pegged float, it is here that the currency is actually pegged to a particular band or value whether it is fixed or adjusted periodically. When it comes to crawling bands you should know that the actual rates are allowed to actually fluctuate in a certain band that is around what is known as the central value which in turn is adjusted on a periodically basis. This is actually done on what is known as the preannounced rate and is also controlled in a certain way that is following economic indicators. Crawling pegs are where the rates are fixed and also adjusted based on the information that I have listed above. Now when it comes to pegged floats that have horizontal bands, you should know that the currency are actually allowed to fluctuate in what is known as a fixed band which is bigger than one percent and is put around a central rate. On terms of a fixed rate, you will see that these rates have a direct convertibility that is pointed towards another type of currency. The information that I have given you in this article will come in handy when you are trading in the forex market or any other market that deals with trading of pairs of currencies. However, you should also keep in mind that you are going to need more information that the information about the currency rates in order to make sure that you are able to succeed in the market itself. You can get the information that you need on the internet or in books and you will find the information that you find to be very helpful and informative as well. If you think that the information that I have given you here about the rates is not enough, then you can also go online and find information regarding the rates and the certain ways that they are fixed and arranged. You are going to find this information not only important when it comes to the forex market but also if you are planning to take any trips to another country any time soon and that you will need this information in order to know how much your countries money is worth.
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