Foreign Exchange Trading

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Foreign Exchange Trading There are many reasons that traders find the foreign exchange market to be unique from all the other markets that are currently available to the traders. In fact, there are six reasons that traders find the foreign exchange market is different from all the other markets. The first reason that traders find the market to be unique is because of the trading volume of the market. The second reason is because of the extreme level of liquidity of the forex market. The third reason is because of the larger amount and variety of traders that are included in the market. The fourth reason is because of its geographical dispersion. The fifth reason is due to the long trading hours that the forex market has to offer which are twenty four hours a day except for on the weekends. The last reason that traders like the forex market is because of the variety of different factors that affect the exchange rates. I am sure that once you read this article you will know that foreign exchange trading can be profitable for you and your family not to mention that foreign exchange trading will allow you to take the time that you need to learn about the market itself. Foreign Exchange Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market The foreign exchange market, also referred to as the currency market, FX market and also the forex market takes place wherever one particular currency is in fact traded for a different type of currency. The foreign exchange market is in fact the biggest market that is included in the entire world when you relate to the actual cash value that is trade in the market. The cash value that is traded within the market is traded between or among many different sources, for instance you have large financial centers such as large banks, you also have central banks, the currency speculators, the companies that are multinational, you also have governments from all over the world that participate in trades, not to mention different financial markets, also financial institutions. The trading in this market that is taking place as we speak involves more than one point nine trillion dollars a day on the average, this is not a real value on an everyday basis but it is an estimate. Individuals that are included in the foreign exchange trading are referred to as retailers. In this market the retailers hold a very discreet percentage of this particular market at this time and often only participate in the foreign exchange trading by going through brokers or other banks and often the retailers are the goals of forex scams. Foreign Exchange Trading and Market Size When you take a look at the subject of foreign exchange trading you may find it interested when you run across the global foreign exchange market turnovers, you will be actually shocked when you take a glance of the money that is involved in the market globally. There is an estimated six hundred and twenty one billion dollars that is involved in spot, there is an estimated one point twenty six trillion dollar involvement in derivatives, there is an estimated two hundred and eight billion dollar investment in forwards, there is a nine hundred and forty four billion dollar investment in swaps of forex, not to mention the one hundred and seven billion dollar involvement in the FX options. Now lets talk about foreign exchange trading and contracts. In the year of 1972, exchange traded related contracts of forex futures were introduced. This took place in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and currently are actively traded related to other relative futures contracts. In the most recent years, the forex futures have grown in volume but of the futures contracts only take up around seven percent of the total amount of foreign exchange market’s actual volume; this is referring to what was said in the Wall Street Journal of Europe. Foreign Exchange Trading and Daily Global Turnover In April of 2006, the average in the daily amount of global turnover in the forex market actual transactions was a given estimate of two point seven trillion dollars. This is according to the IFSL’s estimates that were related to semi annual reports from places such as London, the big apple known as New York, not to mention Tokyo and also Singapore that are all included in a foreign exchange committee that showed this information or data. The overall turnover included non traditional foreign exchange factors such as derivatives and also the products that were traded based on exchanges that averaged an estimate of two point nine trillion dollars a day. When you think about it, this was actually ten times the actual size of the daily turnover of the combined world’s equity markets. When you really think about it, there are more and more people that are getting involved in the foreign exchange trading each and everyday and with the proper knowledge they can succeed in the market and as they do, the market will also increase. The more traders that the market has the more the market will be able to prosper.