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Forex Online Trading Systems In the following article, I would like to take the time to tell you a little about a different variety of forex online trading systems. The reason that it is so important for you to know about the different forex online trading systems is because of the fact that there are so many out there that can be used and it is important for you as a forex trader to become aware of them so that you will be able to pick a system that works well for you when you are trading. In this article, I am going to tell you about three different forex online trading systems that you may want to consider. Forex Online Trading Systems and the Forex Trading Machine The Forex Trading Machine is a type of unique forex online trading system which is based on the author’s opinions other than the technical aspects of forex trading. The book was written by Avi Frister, who in this book tells you about three different strategies that are used for trading. In this book you will find information on one strategy that is based on swing trading and then you will also find information on two strategies that are based on day trading as well. The author of this book states that all of the strategies that indeed are listed within this book are based on a certain type of concept that is known as Price Driven Forex Trading. This individual strategy may be the best one for you if you are the type of person that doesn’t get along well with all the technical indicators that are out there for you to analyze. Every one of these strategies is really based on two different components in order to actually be able to determine the possibility of a trade. The first component is known as the actual amount of the pair of currencies and then the two components is based on an element of time. Overall you will find that the strategies that are mentioned in this book are totally mechanical and you will be given instructions that are found really clear based on each individual strategy that is mentioned. In this book you will also notice that the author will be able to explain to you in detail about the basics to forex trading as well as the psychology of trading and also how to manage your money. This book comes with money back guarantee that covers fifty six days and will run you around a hundred dollars if you are interested in purchasing it. Forex Online Trading Systems and Bird Watching The next type of forex online trading systems that I would like to tell you about is the book that goes by the name, Bird Watching in Lion Country which is a book that explains retail forex trading. The book in general was written by Dirk du Toit. The author is known to present the topic of the forex market is a rather unique way, you will provide you with analogies as well as examples throughout this entire book which in turn makes it all a little easier to understand. The author will also tell you about his very own personal as well as unique four by one median form of trading strategy and that is what he uses to trade in the forex market. The book is written generally on the author’s own experience and the information that he has learned by actually being a forex trader himself. The book will cost you around seventy dollars if you are interested in buying it. Forex Online Trading Systems and a Forex Trading Strategy The last of the three forex online trading systems that I would like to tell you about is the Forex Trading Strategy that was written by Quantum Globe Incorporated. This book tells you about a relative new way of trading that are known to combine to actual powers of the Elliot theory of waves to the levels of Fibonacci. However you should keep in mind that you don’t need to know about either one of these two things to actually be able to use this system as your trading system. In all actuality this system can be used to trade intraday timeframes as well as what is known as swing trading for the longer term. This book is actually easy to read and understand because of the fact that it explains as well as illustrates the rules that are needed for both of the trading.