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FXCM FXCM stands for Forex Capital Markets. When it comes to being a Forex Dealer Member, the FXCM is the largest. A forex dealer member is often known as a financial service that specializes in the retail forex and what this means is that they actually supply online trading services for the speculators of retail in what is known as the forex market. Overall, the actual company has over seventy eight thousand clients and also four hundred institutional customers that are located in more than eighty countries. FXCM averages around five hundred employees that are locating in offices that are stationed in New York City as well as London and also Dallas not to mention San Francisco and also Hong Kong and Tokyo which are able to provide you with twenty four hour support seven days out of the week when it comes to multilingual sales as well as dealing and also administrative and also technical support. FXCM and Retail Forex As you may know, retail forex is known to be a controversial matter especially because of what is known as the high degree of leverage that is actually available in the market that in turn leads to most retail leaders losing out on the money and also because of the fact that the existence of the forex scams. There are some people out there that are just trying to scam people out of their hard earned money and it is sometimes hard to find out which people are being truthful and which people are just out to get you in the long run. In the year of two thousand and five in the month of November, the FXCM actually was entrenched with bankruptcy procedures that were following Refco. Refco was known as a big brokerage for commodities that actually collapsed due to an accounting scandal and was largely purchased by a company that goes by the name Man Group. At that particular time, the company Refco owned around a thirty five percent stake in the FXCM and now FXCM is currently taking the action of backing a client in which has a lawsuit against the company Refco. FXCM and Services It is relevant to say that FXCM actually is able to supply most of the services that they offer through different websites, three to say the most. The first one is known as FXCM which is referred to as the company’s actual flagship site, the second one is known as FXCM Trading Room which is able to offer you a number of resources for trading in the forex market and lastly you have the Daily FX which is a major source for the news pertaining to the forex market. FXCM has revenue that is coming from five different sources that are the main providers of the revenue just like most market makers; FXCM is able to have main sources that its revenue comes from. The first source is the client’s trades and the internal matching of those trades. For instance, if the actual spread is known to be three pips, then FXCM is able to actually match the buyer and the seller internally and they will actually be able to collect six pips. The second source is the spread and the third is the interest that they gain from the deposits that the clients make. The fourth source is the individual company or firm’s actual position in the market and the fifth source is the losses that are of the client’s trades. FXCM Overview As you know FXCM is known as a market maker, so there fore there are a lot of roles that the FXCM actually plays when it comes to the market in general. The FXCM deals without a lot of different people from the traders to the banks that provide the money for the trades. Needless to say, the FXCM is a well known market and is also very profitable. When you are thinking about trading in the markets you need to make sure that you learn all of the information that you need to knows referring to the FXCM and the forex markets as well. FXCM has many employees and FXCM has a lot of pull based on the fact that eight countries participate in the market. FXCM is a wonderful way for you to get the information that you need about trading techniques and other tools that you may use in the market. Just like with any other market the FXCM is known to have its ups and downs, but it is up to you to stick with FXCM and make it work for you. You should make sure that you ask about the different trading options that FXCM offers and that you are aware of all the information regarding FXCM. You need to make sure that you protect yourself from the FXCM scams and that you know what the truth about FXCM really is. You should make sure that you don’t believe any hearsay about FXCM and that you don’t take into any consideration of information about FXCM that you have not checked out for yourself. Overall you will love FXCM and I think that you will be very prosperous with FXCM.