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Saxo Bank The Saxo Bank was actually founded in the year of nineteen ninety two and is also known to be a Danish Investment Bank that is highly specialized, it is actually headquartered in what is known as Copenhagen, Denmark and this particular bank was awarded with what is known as the full or complete European bank status in the year of two thousand and one. In the present time the Saxo Bank rests in the hands of its co founders that are known as Kim Fournais and also Lars Seier Christensen, who are known to be the people that actually possess the majority of the stakes. In the year of two thousand and five, a private firm for equity that goes by the name General Atlantic took the time to buy a minority stake in the month of June and actually invested a large amount of money totaling one hundred and twenty seven million dollars. Saxo Bank Expanding In the year of two thousand and six, the Saxo bank made its presence known in other places overseas and opened branches in London and the UK as well as Russia and also Singapore, let’s not forget St. Petersburg. The Saxo Bank is also known to facilitate capital markets around the globe by actually trading as well as investing through its very unique platform for online trading. Saxo Bank is also known to offer a rather broad suite of products that are related to investment banking that include Forex, as well as stocks and CFDs, not to mention Futures as well as Funds and also bonds. The Saxo Bank also offers what is known as private wealth management and what that is, is a service that is offered to individuals as well as families that have a high net worth. When it comes to Saxo Bank, there is roughly around two thirds of the actual bank’s activities that are known to be derived from partnerships that they have with financial intermediates that are licensed which includes banks as well as brokerage firms and also FCM’s and trading partners that are known to be institutional. Quick Facts about the Saxo Bank It is known that the Saxo Bank is also known to be named after the Saxo Grammaticus which is a famous Danish warrior or theologian and also alleged to be what is known as the first historian of the people that are Danish. You can actually categorize the businesses that Saxo Bank deals with into three categories, first you have the private clients and then you have the institutional as well as the white label partnership and last but not least you have the private wealth management. When it comes to the private client services they actually focus on actually being able to enable the individuals that get their services from the Saxo Bank to actually be able to trade the different instruments that are financial online. When it comes to the institutional services, they are known to actually include trading services that are institutional which actually introduce brokers and also white label partnerships. When you bring this farther into perspective, you will see that the WLP also is known to account for actually more than one half of the banks actual revenue by providing what is known as an efficient as well as scalable redistribution of the competencies that make up the banks core to what is known as a broader area of the public. To put it in simpler terms you can say that the business actually is able to reach thousands of users by the eight plus relationships that they have within forty plus countries. That is a lot of connections when it comes to the financial world so the Saxo Bank must be doing something right. Saxo Bank and a White Label Relationship When it comes to a relationship with the white label, the actual platform and the back office management of risks is actually branded to the actual identity of the partner. In other terms the partner of the Saxo Bank must be what is known as a licensed financial institution that is certainly able to actually hold the funds of the client, the partner must also be regulated for the measures of securities in its particular jurisdiction. The Saxo Bank hasn’t been around for a long period of time like most banks, but in the little amount of time that it has been in business it has been able to soar into the financial market.