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Written by ForexCult Team
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There are plenty of self-selected experts online promoting their secret method to succeeding in the world of investing. A careful look at this market, however, reveals a tragic truth: These are the same old stories retold by hucksters looking to earn a buck. They jump on a particular stock that did well, they “reverse engineer” the trend line, they have their system ghostwritten, and then they promote “a forex training system like you’ve never seen before”. The problem is we’ve seen it before. Again and again. It’s not a training system; it’s a focus on one part of technical analysis or another (often by people who don’t know the definition of technical analysis). They throw around words like “Fibonacci” or “Bollinger Bands” as if they themselves invented the term. The tragedy is that “newbie” investors can get sucked in to the promises of huge earnings. They shell out for the ebook. And they’re left confused or overly-confident. Either way, they lose. How does one succeed in the market? The truth of the matter is, one can succeed with solid, foundational forex training, and then back up that training with support and advice from real trading professionals, and then back up that training and that support with experience. That’s where VIRT® Professional Tutor by Forex Worldwide Training and Support comes in. In a world of “me-too” content, VIRT® Professional Tutor is real forex training. This organization ignores the hype and instead focuses on doing one thing really, really well. They offer comprehensive, competent training delivered in a compelling way. Their forex training is comprehensive and competent because it gives every level of investor a place to start. Are you brand new to forex investments? There’s a novice section. Are you experience in forex investments? There’s an advance section. Each section covers a wealth of material that truly takes the learner on a journey from basic introductions, step-by-step through the concepts. Forex training for novices at VIRT® Professional Tutor is made up of 6 modules covering such diverse but fundamental topics as Market Terminology, Business Environment, Predictability, Capital Management, Probability Study, and Application of Entry Point System. Each module contains 5 to 9 lessons that look at that topic in-depth. Each lesson ends in a quiz to help the student uncover the effectiveness of their learning. Forex training for advanced investors at VIRT® Professional Tutor is made up of 4 modules covering expert topics like Advanced Fibonacci, the Rule of 8, Fundamentals, and System Development. Again, each module contains several lessons and finishes with a quiz. This material is compelling in its delivery. There’s text, of course, and interspersed throughout the text are videos and interactive content – including graphics and graphical stories – to explain the concepts and illustrate with real world examples. The text talks about a concept and then a graph is shown to demonstrate an example in real life and to drive home the point. This level of training enables investors of all backgrounds and investing experiences to enter markets confidently and to exit investments profitably. But to back up their training, a support forum is also available where investors can interact and where expert traders can offer advice, guidance, and mentorship to participants. Summary VIRT® Professional Tutor provides high-quality, peerless forex training for novices and advanced investors alike. They package powerful, real world content into a dynamic and compelling interface, which promotes understanding and application. Not only that, they back up their training with support in a forum that connects experts with novices and shares the wealth of knowledge available.

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Which is the Best Forex Broker you have traded with?

Interview with Matthew Sheppard

Senior Forex Advisor at XForex

1. What is your name and position?

Hello, my name is Matthew Sheppard and I am a senior forex advisor at XForex.

2. What is your experience and professional background?

In the last 6 years I had filled several positions in financial institutions such as a stock broker, a foreign exchange desk manager, a financial consultant and in my recent role I serve as a senior Forex advisor for XForex which is an online forex company.

3. What type of clients you deal with?

We deal with clients on all levels from the beginning stages to the more advanced trading levels.

4. Does most of your business activity come from the online or offline world?

Because of our high presence on the web, most of our business comes from the online world.

5. Why should a trader pick XForex from all forex brokers?

Aside from all the benefits that XForex offer like commission-free trading, 24/7 online support, high leverage (200:1), XForex offers educational and learning trading experience that you won’t find anywhere else..

Our team of experts and financial trainers provide personal assistance and guide clients to financial success. We provide daily analysis and market reviews to our clients giving them a better understanding of the market and helping them trade profitably.

6. From your experience, what advice would you give a person who wants to enter the forex world?

My advice to the beginning trader entering the Forex world is as follows:
  • Learn the market and understand what you’re getting into.
  • Research and find the broker that suits your needs and wants. Look for a good offering but more importantly customer service, don’t go for the low rates offer without being certain they have a good customer service department. From my extensive experience in the Forex world your key to success will be your client-broker relationship. I can honestly say that at XForex they put an emphasis on servicing clients, which is so important.
  • Invest smartly and calculate your risks.
  • Always know when to get out of a trade.

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