A Forex chart follows the basic rules of providing information regarding currency trading. These charts usually consist of bars or lines. A forex chart graphically represents historical foreign currency exchange rates. The x-axis in the trading chart displays the time and the y-axis displays the currency pair value. The Forex charts, the movement or behavior of foreign currency rates are clearly depicted. This information helps traders make the right trading decisions considering the currency rate movement.

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The forex charts help determine various forex trading strategies which are the most valuable aspects that you must learn before you plan to invest in forex trade. Forex charts are updated with the pace of market, which gives value to the investor.

The different types of Charts on forex trade with their benefits are as under:

  • Forex Charts – This is an advanced chart covering wide market area with technical indicators and critical analysis of investors’ interest.
  • Future Charts- Depending on current data available about forex trade symbolic, technical and timeframe charts are accessible at
  • Indices Charts- Indices vary from country to country which are correlated with forex trade. Updated global indices charts are available for investment planning.
  • Stock Charts- Information regarding stock of a country varies with changes in the stock market of other related country with which an investor is dealing. Latest knowledge through in this regard would help you to invest judiciously.

Since forex charts give instant trends along with figures, an investor gets a clear picture of the forex market with past, present and possible future trends. Making an investor to be fully knowledgeable about his/ her investment, forex charts are the easiest source. Studies of such forex charts being less time consuming than other conventional ways makes an investor smarter and beneficial. We at, essentially deal with all kinds of charts, which play a vital role in forex trading.