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AvaTrader is a state of the art trading platform that can be customized to any trader's preferences and requirements. The trading platform AvaTrader is a seamless solution to trade Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange). The software receives feeds with live streaming prices updated few times each second, allowing the trader to take advantage of those capabilities.
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AvaTrader enables the trader to open multiple worksheets, save any information he wishes and change the layout to match his most frequent currency. In any case the Main page windows display all information and trade options:



Below the main menu you can find the tabs that can be used to quickly move from one workspace to another. Right click on the available tabs will allow you to create, edit and delete workspaces.

For professional traders, a one-click worksheet was invented. It allows a trader to execute large trades with just one click. The one-click system provides great flexibility for trader to enter and exit the market fast. It is not recommended for beginners or traders who never experienced online trading.



Charts can be analyzed and altered by tabbing onto charts. You can see charts example and find a chart that suits you.

Dealing Rates


The main function of the dealing Rates window is to carry out trades. Right clicking on "Ask" or "Bid" and you'll be asked to choose between "limit", "stop" or "market" order. After you have selected the amount you wish to trade, you'll need to click on the OK button to complete the trade.

This window is very versatile and allows you to choose your preferred instruments out of the default six different ones. The Dealing Rates window can be detached and can be viewed in any other computer window and not only in the AvaTrader windows.

Dealing Rates Table


A trader is allowed to view different instruments using the dealing rates table window, including current day high and low in single view. A trader can complete the same transactions in the same format as the dealing rates window.

Open Positions

To view yours open positions you should look at the open positions window. A trader can close trade by clicking on the close tab. You can also set stops including more advance stops like trailing stops, limits, O.C.O's.



The "If Done" can be seen in the orders windows. Those orders that are not executed yet cannot be seen in the open positions window.

Account Information

Account Information windows displays the current financial status. The status includes balance, balance + P&L of the open positions (equity), available margins, used margines and P&L.



AvaTrader charts are intuitive and efficient. The trader can use different graph type (Line, Bar and Candle). The trader can also choose the exact time period and the instruments that interest him. To complete a thoroughly technical analysis you can use support and resistance lines, Fibonacci lines or a massive range of oscillators moving averages and many other indicators.

Click Here to download AVATrader

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